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 Руслан Зуфарович Валиев – специалист в области физики и механики материалов, деформационных нанотехнологий обработки металлов и сплавов

Ruslan Z. Valiev is a specialist in the area of physics and mechanics of materials, deformative nanotechnology processing of metals and alloys, the author of over 500 articles, 12 monographs and books, more than 30 certificates and patents on inventions for scientific discovery in the USSR (№ 339, 1987). The total number of citations of his work exceeds 23000, Hirsch index (h-index) is 71 (according to ISI WoS,

In the early 1990s R. Valiev and co-workers carried out pioneering works on processing of bulk nanostructured metals and alloys by severe plastic deformation (SPD). These works gained comprehensive development and worldwide recognition, included in textbooks and monographs. Works on the application of bulk nanomaterials for the advanced manufacturing in engineering and medicine were initiated, and a number of major scientific projects were made under the leadership of R. Valiev. He developed the principles of nanostructured metallics using SPD, allowing at a totally new level to change structural and functional properties of metals and alloys of different chemical composition. This research area is not only of fundamental interest but also is a great innovation potential for future usage in various branches of engineering and medicine.

Lots of times (>100) R. Valiev was invited to major international scientific conferences on nanomaterials, congresses on materials science TMS, MRS, etc. to Russian as well as foreign universities and research centers for speeches on results of this works.R. Valiev was made a Member of the European Academy of Sciences in 2008 and a Member of the Science Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in 2013. He was promoted the honorary degree "Honoured Science Worker of the Republic of Bashkortostan" (1997), "Honored Science Worker of the Russian Federation" (2003). R. Valiev was awarded a number of prizes and medals for scientific achievements: the Humboldt Research Award (Germany) (2001) for pioneering research in the field of bulk nanomaterials; the MAIK Award for the best scientific publication in metal physics (2003); awarded grant for extended research among the prize-winning scientists of the Humboldt Research Award (2007); in 2005-2008 he had been the most citied author in ELSEVIER publishing house for his article on «Principles of equal channel angular pressing as a processing tool for grain refinement", Prog. Mater. Sci., 51, 7 (2006), pp. 881-981; the winner of the Materials Science & Engineering A Journal Prize (2010) for outstanding works in the field of bulk nanostructured materials; the Diploma of RFBR and Elsevier "Scopus Award Russia 2011" (awardee as "The Most Internationally Highly Cited Russian Author"); Blaise Pascal Medal in materials science in 2011 (European Academy of Sciences), et al.

Nowadays he leads an active educational activity, being in charge of the scientific school, consisting of his junior students. 37 Ph.D. and 9 Dr.Sc. theses were successfully completed under the supervision of Professor R. Valiev. The team was promoted twice the top scientific school of the Russian Federation degree (2006, 2008). Creation of the new Laboratory for Mechanics of Advanced Bulk Nanomaterials for Innovative Engineering Applications under the supervision of Prof. R. Valiev at Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of St. Petersburg State University is directed to fundamental research in the field of nanostructured metals and alloys as well as innovative developments for usage in various branches of engineering and medicine.

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