About project

The research Laboratory for Mechanics of Advanced Bulk Nanomaterials for Innovative Engineering Applications under supervision of professor Ruslan Valiev was founded on June 28, 2013 at Saint-Petersburg State University and was supported by the grant (сontract №14.В25.31.0017) from the Government of the Russian Federation. At this moment the Laboratory is supported by various funds, in particular, on April 24, 2018 the Laboratory won a competition for applied interdisciplinary research work in 2018-2020 at the expense of SPbU.

This project is focused on the development of fundamental mechanics of nanomaterials, elaboration of scientific principles for fabrication of new metallic bulk nanomaterials with superior mechanical properties, and their innovative applications in structural, electric-power and medical engineering fields. The project represents a multidisciplinary research with contributions from the fields of nanomaterials mechanics, materials science of nanostructures, and nanoengineering, having both fundamental and practical counterparts. The proposed project will highly enhance educational activity and involve a significant number of young scientists and students in a cutting-edge world-class research in nanomaterials mechanics and nanoengineering fields.